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Fertility Treatment London (TCM)

As specialists in Fertility Treatment, GinSen uses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to support good reproductive health in women and men and to promote natural fertility. We offer treatment across the spectrum of Fertility problems, whether the problem lies with the woman, the man, is a shared problem, or where there is no obvious cause.

Whatever the nature of your fertility problem, TCM can greatly increase your chances of conceiving naturally by improving the health of the reproductive organs, regulating the monthly menstrual cycle and improving the quality of the eggs and sperm.

GinSen has a long track record of successfully helping couples trying to conceive naturally or in conjunction with Western Medicine. Our Practitioners use Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Massage – a therapeutic form of massage also known as Tuina Massage – to clear blockages or deficiencies that impede the healthy flow of blood and energy to the organs of the body. By restoring balance and harmony, we greatly enhance your chances of becoming pregnant naturally.


Your Fertility Treatment Plan at GinSen

Your Fertility Treatment is based on the outcome of the initial consultation with your GinSen Practitioner, which ideally you will attend with your partner. We will look at all aspects of your health and wellbeing from both a Chinese and Western medical perspective.

The Practitioner will discuss your medical history, your attempts to get pregnant, including details of previous tests or treatments for infertility, and your general health. They will also inquire about your lifestyle and habits including work, sleeping pattern, and the woman’s menstrual cycle.

In addition to these inquiries your Practitioner will use the following elements of TCM practice to make a diagnosis

Inspection – They will observe your physical condition as your outward appearance, skin colour, complexion, demeanour and body build, reflect the state of your health and internal organs, as well as your mental and emotional state. They will also inspect your tongue as its shape, colour and coating will provide clues as to the root cause of your condition.

Palpation – They will take your pulse. Pulse diagnosis is very important because of the information gained about energy flow, blood circulation, and any related imbalances.

Listening and Smelling – Listening and smelling also give clues as to the condition of your health. The sound and strength of your voice, and way of speaking can all show underlying disharmonies in the body. Body odour can also give clues as to organ disharmony.

Your initial consultation will take about one hour. We will then put together a personalised Fertility Treatment Plan combining Chinese Herbal Medicine and acupuncture. Your Practitioner will outline your treatment and give you dietary and lifestyle advice.

Fertility Treatment can begin immediately. Follow-up treatments take approximately one hour. The first part of each consultation is spent reviewing your condition and checking your tongue and pulse. Your Chinese Herbal Medicine will be reformulated in response to developments in your body since your last appointment. You will also receive acupuncture, and Chinese massage – if it has been prescribed.

People normally find their fertility treatment relaxing, as well as flexible. It can easily be accommodated into your daily routine and adapted to suit your lifestyle. In terms of timescale, typically you should see a successful outcome within four to twelve weeks, although it can be longer depending on the nature of the problem.

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Disclaimer & Important Information

We can't guranteed the treatment result, as the symptoms of conditions are un predictable and vary greatly from person to person. The treeatment length and recovery time also varies for individual. GinSen's acupuncturist will discuss your care before carrying out the treatment, and the treatment will be designed to meet your individual needs.