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Traditional Chinese Approach to Childbirth


In Chinese Medicine Therapy, the health of the parents at the time of conception translates directly into the quality of the child’s constitution. Traditionally, the 9 month period of pregnancy was a time for the parents to focus on nurturing the developing baby. The mother is physically and spiritually the vessel into which the unborn child is placed, and so her state of health in every way is of the greatest importance.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Childbirth


According to TCM, the child inherits Inborn Qi from the parents. Inborn Qi is really an individual’s energy foundation—it cannot be changed and it is finite in amount. Stored in the Kidney, its quality and quantity are determined by the Qi of both the mother and father (and the Qi of their respective ancestors); the nature of the mother’s pregnancy; and the time, place and circumstances of the child’s birth. This type of Qi determines the child’s basic constitution (physical and mental) and governs his or her growth and development.


How we maintain enough Qi for unborns?


Our Qi is through our bodies continuously, makin connections and activating channels of energy. below are some points to show how to build and maintain Qi.


1. Prepare and nourishing yourself to create the healthiest inner enviroment. Eat good meals regularly. Ideally, the energy that we use of a day should come from the food that we consume. There are lots of evidenct shows the well you eat the better development of your baby's brain.


2. Taking care actively of your well-being and that of your unborn child throughout pregnancy. Do gentle exercise, it's essentoal for building Qi, too much of the wrong king will destroy Qi. Walking, running, swimming, yoga and so on. But do talk with your doctor, midwife before starting any exercise that's new to you.


3. Prepare your body and mind for birth, rest properly. It's like battery, if you are always on the go, you will deplete your Qi. Take rest in both mind and body, take time for replenish, avoid your body run out of energy and not be able to charging up.


Pregnancy should be a time of happiness for the family and expectant mother. Hope our suggestions and help will make this journey even more enjoyable and positive for all involved.



The Benefit Of Acupuncture During Pregnancy

The Benefit Of Acupuncture During Pregnancy

If you are thinking about having a baby or are currently pregnant, it is important to understand the changes that you are or will be experiencing with your hormones, posture and body mechanics. Since your body must prepare to carry and feed your baby, the following changes may occur:


As the baby grows, your center of gravity shifts forward, the pelvis tilts forward – which may cause lower back muscles to shorten and tighten, and the hamstring and gluteal muscles to weaken and stretch.The cervical and lumbar regions of the spine experience additional stress in the neck and lower back. Attached to the uterus are round ligaments, which are under a great deal of stress. They may become stretched and pain in the lower back and abdomen may result.  Certain muscles – psoas, piriformis, etc., become tight and cause pain.Ligaments may become loose due to hormonal changes. This may cause joints to become less stable. Due to a protruding abdomen, increased curvature of the back, along with pelvic changes and adaptations in posture… a misalignment of the spine and joints often result. When the pelvis is misaligned, the amount of room available for the growing baby may become reduced (intrauterine constraint). A misaligned pelvis may also make if more difficult for the baby to be placed into the best position for delivery.


Integrate Acupuncture during Pregnancy


Many women also integrate acupuncture  into a pregnancy care program. This combination offers a synergistic effect, for both the mother and baby.


According to scientific research, acupuncture during pregnancy helps ease many of the aches and discomfort experienced. In fact, it helps reduce or eliminate:

1. Heartburn and Morning Sickness

2. Leg Swelling

3. Constipation

4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

5. Pelvic and Back Pain during pregnancy

6. Depression

7. Headaches

8. Sleep Disorders