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Scientific Research
1.  Effects of acupuncture on post-cesarean section pain

Chinese Medical Journal, LIN Jaung-geng (2009), 2009; 122(15):1743-1748:


Electroacupuncture treatment of chronic insomniacs.


2.  Chinese Medical Journal 2009;122(23):

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3. Acupuncuture in pain management

Educ Anaesth Crit Care Pain 7 (4): 135-138. Jonathan W and Richard F Contin(2007) 7 (4): 135-138.

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4. Acupuncture and herbal medicine in in vitro fertilisation:

A review of the evidence for clinical practice. Informa Healthcare, Ying C, Luciano G. Nardo, Tony R, William L(2010) Human Fertility: Vol. 13, No. 1 , Pages 3-12:

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5 .Acupuncture on rates of pregnancy and live birth among women undergoing in vitro fertilisation:

Systematic review and meta-analysis

Eric M, Grant Z,Laurence U, Aviad H, Patricia L, Brian M and Lex M(2008)Effects of.BMJ 2008;336:545:

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6. Lung Cancer survial with herbal medicine and vitamins in a whole-systems approach:

ten-year follow up data analyzed with marginal structural models and propensity score methods.

McCulloch M,Broffman M, van der Laan M, Hubbard A, Kushi L, Kramer A, Gao J, Colford JM Jr.(2011) ,Integr Cancer Ther.10(3):260-79