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Our Philosophy

Welcome to GinSen. Our philosophy and purpose, is to:

  • prevent ill health
  • restore you to good health when you are ill
  • Help you to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle, as stress free as is possible in today’s fast moving world

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality and standards of care, promoting wellness and correcting ill health, based on the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


In treating you we apply the two concepts that are fundamental to Chinese medicine:

      • Qi – usually translated as "vital energy" – is considered to be life’s animating force and substance, symbolising life in all its forms: thoughts and emotions, tissue and blood, inner life and outer expression.

Qi is distributed throughout the body by a network of channels or meridiens. Disease is present when the flow of vital energy through the channels is disrupted.

Each of the organs of the body is represented by a channel, and diseases of a particular organ can be treated by using acupuncture points on the channel representing that organ.


      • Yin and Yang theory of balance. – Yin and Yang represent the opposite elements and forces that make up existence. Yin is the female force – receptive and cool in nature. Yang is the male fore, representing movement and heat.

Harmony between these two opposing yet complementary forces supports good health, whilst disease results from an imbalance between the two forces.

Resting on these principles is the rest of TCM theory and application, such as the causes of disharmony resulting in imbalances. The art of traditional Chinese medicine is to identify the imbalance accurately so that it can be corrected quite specifically.


This broad system of identifying and correcting imbalances in the body applies to all aspects of treatment by Traditional Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, herbal medicine, Chinese massage and cupping combined with advice on diet and exercise.

Chinese medicine views the human body with great respect, knowing its infinite capacity to rejuvenate.