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Herbal Preparation – Method for Cooking Herbal Remedies



1. Take the herbs out from the bag and place them in the pot.

2. Before the first boiling, soak the herbs in water for 30 minutes.  Cover the herbs with water (around 1.5 litter); make sure the water covers 2 cm above the herbs.

3. After soaking bring them to boil.

4. Simmer the herbs for 30-45 minutes until you get 1 litter liquid extracted.

5. Repeat step 3&4 for the second cooking, mix the first 1 litter and the second 2 litter well.  Keep them in the fridge.

6. For each drinking, heat up around 150ml


Points to Note:

  • Generally each bag of herbs could be cooked for 2 times. 
  • Cover the pot with the lid during simmering.
  • The above amount (around 2 litter) is for 1 week’s use. 
  • Take the Chinese herbal remedies 30mins after meal.  Don’t drink them with empty stomach.
  • Heat up the medicine for each drinking.
  • Only honey could be added, no sugar to be added in the medicine. 
  • Dring treatment, avoid drinking alcohol, coffee or tea.
  • Avoid taking other medicines with Chinese herbal remedies at the same time.  At least 1 hour gap.