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I Could Walk Free After 5 Years Paralysis By Acupuncture

Statement of Hassan Rasuid could walk free after 5 years paralysis by acupuncture

 I can walk now without help, this is amazing! "  Mr Hassan Rasuid has a beaming  smile  and shares laughter, tears and hugs with his sister, brother and Dr Helen at Ginsen 15 Kensington Church Street, W8 4LF.
could walk free after 5 years paralysis


It is the first time he could walk free of a wheelchair after a 5 year-illness. He cannot believe that after all these years lying on a bed he could one day enjoy the freedom of walking following Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine treatments in just two months.


Mr Hassan is a 25 year old student now. He had a car accident in 2010 and was diagnosed  with Guillan Barre Syndrome at Charing Cross hospital. At first he had a cold and high fever, and was treated with antibiotics for three weeks. Although his temperature returned his temperature to normal, he lost all his muscle strength. Tests at the hospital could not find any reason for his condition. What was worse, six months later, he had completely lost  feeling in his body and was paralysed from neck to toe, and could not get out of a wheelchair or bed. After 3 years in the hospital without getting any better, he eventually moved home.


In the last two years being at home, Mr. Hassan started to do the research online about Traditional Chinese Medicine and wished to get help.


On 16/06/2016, Mr. Hassan had a consultation with Dr Helen in one of our Ginsen clinics. His fingers were folded without movement,  he could not stretch out, and all his muscles had lost their strength and function. He was weak and fragile. All he wanted was just to try something to get better and keep hoping that one day he could be back to normal life again. 


 In the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, this is diagnosed "Wei zhen". We can help at Ginsen. It could happen to anybody when someone's immunity system is at a low function , which could be caused by tiredness at work, being over stressed, an unhealthy life style etc.


"In TCM, this diagnosis is also associated with damaged spleen Qi, Liver Yin, Kidney Sense", said Dr Helen. He was recommended for a 3 to 6 month treatment plan, using a combination of Acupuncture , Chinese Herbal Medicine and Massage.


"The treatments went very smoothly and successfully. Mr. Hassan has been making dramatic progress with each session of the  treatment, since he started. It began with the return of feelings and sensation in the joints–hands, ankles and knees, followed by stronger muscles, and eventually the ability to stand up. Finally, he could walk again! This extraordinary recovery was like a miracle for Mr Hassan coming  after only 2 months treatments after 5 years being lying on a bed or in a wheelchair. Most people find that is incredible , others believe it to beimpossible. But for our practitioners, this result is what they expected to happen and it is no surprise to them at all," said Dr Helen.


"How can the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) achieve this result?" Dr. Helen said. "The answer is simple–Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) always concerns the human body as a whole system: different organs inside our body are in charge of different functions. When any symptoms happen to our bodies, TCM interprets that as the signal which indicates the imbalance or malfunctioning of our system. By applying the TCM philosophy and theory, using acupuncture and herbs and other means of treatment, we are able to replenish deficiencies within the organs and rejuvenate the delicate body in order to regain the balance. "

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