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Follow the Chinese Way of Life and Enjoy Good Health and Longevity

Aging is a natural process - nature ordains that life does not last forever. Whilst the aging process cannot be stopped, it is possible to age healthily and extend our life span by taking well recognised preventative measures.

How can we improve our quality of life, stay healthy and live longer? By living our daily lives according to the principles of ancient Chinese wisdom. The Chinese have been expert at maintaining health and extending longevity for two thousand years. The key elements of aging healthily are based on:

Living well means having a good quality of home life and a good work environment. Ancient practitioners of TCM believe five elements are required to give us a balanced living environment: “wood, earth, fire, water and metal”.

In Western terms, this means we need access to: fresh air, a reasonable amount of sunshine, water, energy and nature.

Whilst we cannot change the weather, we can influence the other factors necessary to ensure a good quality of life, for example, not wasting energy or water and protecting nature.

Living Well

Happiness means feeling well, enjoying family life, friendships, work and social life, and other elements of daily living that are important to you.

In order to acknowledge and celebrate happiness in your daily life it is necessary to: have a good philosophy of life, a wise, mature, positive attitude and a love of life.