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Traditional Chinese Approach to Childbirth


In Chinese Medicine Therapy, the health of the parents at the time of conception translates directly into the quality of the child’s constitution. Traditionally, the 9 month period of pregnancy was a time for the parents to focus on nurturing the developing baby. The mother is physically and spiritually the vessel into which the unborn child is placed, and so her state of health in every way is of the greatest importance.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Childbirth


According to TCM, the child inherits Inborn Qi from the parents. Inborn Qi is really an individual’s energy foundation—it cannot be changed and it is finite in amount. Stored in the Kidney, its quality and quantity are determined by the Qi of both the mother and father (and the Qi of their respective ancestors); the nature of the mother’s pregnancy; and the time, place and circumstances of the child’s birth. This type of Qi determines the child’s basic constitution (physical and mental) and governs his or her growth and development.


How we maintain enough Qi for unborns?


Our Qi is through our bodies continuously, makin connections and activating channels of energy. below are some points to show how to build and maintain Qi.


1. Prepare and nourishing yourself to create the healthiest inner enviroment. Eat good meals regularly. Ideally, the energy that we use of a day should come from the food that we consume. There are lots of evidenct shows the well you eat the better development of your baby's brain.


2. Taking care actively of your well-being and that of your unborn child throughout pregnancy. Do gentle exercise, it's essentoal for building Qi, too much of the wrong king will destroy Qi. Walking, running, swimming, yoga and so on. But do talk with your doctor, midwife before starting any exercise that's new to you.


3. Prepare your body and mind for birth, rest properly. It's like battery, if you are always on the go, you will deplete your Qi. Take rest in both mind and body, take time for replenish, avoid your body run out of energy and not be able to charging up.


Pregnancy should be a time of happiness for the family and expectant mother. Hope our suggestions and help will make this journey even more enjoyable and positive for all involved.



When is the best time to start fertility treatment?

In many cases when there is a fertility challenge or delayed conception, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can increase a successful outcome in a shorter period. Although it is beneficial to begin optimizing for conceptions and healthy pregnancy several months before conception, in many cases this may not be an option.


 So when is the exact time that should strat fertility treatment ? We recommend starting treatments as soon as you feel ready as we begin treatment at every phase of the menstrual cycle. As the menstrual cycle is a monthly cycle in which a woman’s uterus prepares for a fertilised egg to settle and grow into a baby. Human fertility is controlled by four hormones and involves specialised cells. Chromosomes carry the genetic information for the formation of offspring including gender. Chromosomes can also pass on genetic disorders. During these stages, fertility treatment is used to treat difficulties with conception.


Is Your Body Ready For Fertility?


Is there a common cause?
When looking at the common causes of infertility from a Chinese medicine perspective, it is important to consider some primary factors that can lead to fertility imbalances. We want to look at the whole picture to see what are the biggest factors that may be contributing to a delay in conception. The goal of treatment is to prepare a woman's body to be receptive to conception. While there is no one ideal body type for conception, there are often many factors that can help assist a successful outcome. From a Chinese medicine perspective creating a warm, supportive, enveloping uterine environment is one of many factors that can enhance success.


How can Traditional Chinese Medicine Could help?
Increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, increasing overall body circulation and balancing hormones for healthy follicle development and ovulation are factors that not only aid conception but help to increase full term healthy pregnancy. Decreasing the daily and fertility stress on the body help not only to assist healthy blood flow but also aims to resolve factors that can prevent or delay pregnancy.


Improving your emotional well-being and assessing other dietary or lifestyle factors that could be contributing to fertility challenges is an important part of acupuncture treatment when optimizing fertility.


If you are interested in acupuncture, consider an initial consultati on: or call: kensington 0207 937 7968 / sloane square 0207 751 5606 to ask questions and learn more how Chinese medicine may benefit you!

I Could Walk Free After 5 Years Paralysis By Acupuncture

Statement of Hassan Rasuid could walk free after 5 years paralysis by acupuncture

 I can walk now without help, this is amazing! "  Mr Hassan Rasuid has a beaming  smile  and shares laughter, tears and hugs with his sister, brother and Dr Helen at Ginsen 15 Kensington Church Street, W8 4LF.
could walk free after 5 years paralysis


It is the first time he could walk free of a wheelchair after a 5 year-illness. He cannot believe that after all these years lying on a bed he could one day enjoy the freedom of walking following Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine treatments in just two months.


Mr Hassan is a 25 year old student now. He had a car accident in 2010 and was diagnosed  with Guillan Barre Syndrome at Charing Cross hospital. At first he had a cold and high fever, and was treated with antibiotics for three weeks. Although his temperature returned his temperature to normal, he lost all his muscle strength. Tests at the hospital could not find any reason for his condition. What was worse, six months later, he had completely lost  feeling in his body and was paralysed from neck to toe, and could not get out of a wheelchair or bed. After 3 years in the hospital without getting any better, he eventually moved home.


In the last two years being at home, Mr. Hassan started to do the research online about Traditional Chinese Medicine and wished to get help.


On 16/06/2016, Mr. Hassan had a consultation with Dr Helen in one of our Ginsen clinics. His fingers were folded without movement,  he could not stretch out, and all his muscles had lost their strength and function. He was weak and fragile. All he wanted was just to try something to get better and keep hoping that one day he could be back to normal life again. 


 In the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, this is diagnosed "Wei zhen". We can help at Ginsen. It could happen to anybody when someone's immunity system is at a low function , which could be caused by tiredness at work, being over stressed, an unhealthy life style etc.


"In TCM, this diagnosis is also associated with damaged spleen Qi, Liver Yin, Kidney Sense", said Dr Helen. He was recommended for a 3 to 6 month treatment plan, using a combination of Acupuncture , Chinese Herbal Medicine and Massage.


"The treatments went very smoothly and successfully. Mr. Hassan has been making dramatic progress with each session of the  treatment, since he started. It began with the return of feelings and sensation in the joints–hands, ankles and knees, followed by stronger muscles, and eventually the ability to stand up. Finally, he could walk again! This extraordinary recovery was like a miracle for Mr Hassan coming  after only 2 months treatments after 5 years being lying on a bed or in a wheelchair. Most people find that is incredible , others believe it to beimpossible. But for our practitioners, this result is what they expected to happen and it is no surprise to them at all," said Dr Helen.


"How can the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) achieve this result?" Dr. Helen said. "The answer is simple–Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) always concerns the human body as a whole system: different organs inside our body are in charge of different functions. When any symptoms happen to our bodies, TCM interprets that as the signal which indicates the imbalance or malfunctioning of our system. By applying the TCM philosophy and theory, using acupuncture and herbs and other means of treatment, we are able to replenish deficiencies within the organs and rejuvenate the delicate body in order to regain the balance. "

Salive Gland Blocked Infection Treatment Using Acupuncture And Moxibustion

Salive Gland Blocked Infection Treatment Using Acupuncture And Moxibustion


" I suffered from a blocked and infected saliva gland for four months since February 2016, the infected gland was the size of a golf ball, my GP prescribed a course of antibiotic, this was ineffective. I was sent to the hospital for blood tests, a scan, an ultra sound and biopsy. After these investigations surgery was recommended by the consultant at Charing Cross hospital. I wasn't happy with this solution " said, peter. " I visited Ginsen in Kings Road, I had a course of treatment involving Acupuncture and Moxibustion 1st July 2016, It was effective within days, after seven sessions during the next two weeks the size of my blocked and infected Saliva gland was reduced by half, in the 12th sessions on 28th July 2016 it had completely disappeared" " I did not have knowledge of Chinese Medicine, but I believe it was worth trying as it was non-invasive. It was a wonderful experience.


Salive Gland Blocked Infection


In September 2016 , I had a follow- up free consultation with them. In the saliva infection area new hair had grown back black, not grey "


Ginsen was founded and have practiced traditional Chinese medicine in UK Since 2006 , Director Li Hua Li , says : “Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used for 5000 years. It has a record history of being medically effective. “ We think of our bodies as a whole: the principle of Qi, Blood, Qin, Yang balance. In Mr Peter Campbell 's case ,it was QI and Blood blockage; Acupuncture and Moxa treatment were used to simply to target and unblock Meridians enhancing the area Qi and free blood movement.


“ Ginsen's experts are fully trained and educated in traditional Chinese Medicine and West Medicine. We have built a highly successful practice in several different areas including fertility, skin disorders and weight gain, achieving excellent results treating different difficult and complex cases. “We do feel that Traditional Chinese Medicine has a greater value in the modern Society when the traditional and moder co-exist. “In Chinese medicine with the advantage of scientific extraction and purification, the absorption, distribution and metabolism of ancient traditional Chinese herbs is enhanced significantly in the form of encapsulated granules of concentrated herbal extracts.


“We always keep up to date with modern medicine and Scientific Research , developing our prescriptions using pharmacological data such as exact ingredients, bio-availability, excipient percentage etc.


“However we often disagree with the Scientific approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We believe that modern science will provide more evidence, but nevertheless Traditional Chinese Medicine originates from plants- all natural and proven to be effective . We always look for opportunities to work with modern medicine research and we integrate our results with Modern Science research.



The Benefit Of Acupuncture During Pregnancy

The Benefit Of Acupuncture During Pregnancy

If you are thinking about having a baby or are currently pregnant, it is important to understand the changes that you are or will be experiencing with your hormones, posture and body mechanics. Since your body must prepare to carry and feed your baby, the following changes may occur:


As the baby grows, your center of gravity shifts forward, the pelvis tilts forward – which may cause lower back muscles to shorten and tighten, and the hamstring and gluteal muscles to weaken and stretch.The cervical and lumbar regions of the spine experience additional stress in the neck and lower back. Attached to the uterus are round ligaments, which are under a great deal of stress. They may become stretched and pain in the lower back and abdomen may result.  Certain muscles – psoas, piriformis, etc., become tight and cause pain.Ligaments may become loose due to hormonal changes. This may cause joints to become less stable. Due to a protruding abdomen, increased curvature of the back, along with pelvic changes and adaptations in posture… a misalignment of the spine and joints often result. When the pelvis is misaligned, the amount of room available for the growing baby may become reduced (intrauterine constraint). A misaligned pelvis may also make if more difficult for the baby to be placed into the best position for delivery.


Integrate Acupuncture during Pregnancy


Many women also integrate acupuncture  into a pregnancy care program. This combination offers a synergistic effect, for both the mother and baby.


According to scientific research, acupuncture during pregnancy helps ease many of the aches and discomfort experienced. In fact, it helps reduce or eliminate:

1. Heartburn and Morning Sickness

2. Leg Swelling

3. Constipation

4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

5. Pelvic and Back Pain during pregnancy

6. Depression

7. Headaches

8. Sleep Disorders

Acupuncture And Embryo Transfer

Should I Have Acupuncture Only Before And After Embryo Transfer ?


Conception is the very first step towards having a baby, but for some becoming pregnant is not straightforward.

At GinSen, many ofen ask us should I have acupuncture before or after embrotransfer, and We recommend acupuncture 24-48 hours before embryo transfer to increase the chance of a successful pregnancy. The focus of this acupuncture treatment are to increase uterine blood flow, decrease stress and to decrease uterine contractions to help increase the chances of successful embryo implantation.

If this is the first IVF or IUI cycle, it is recommended that you start with 8-12 treatments three months prior to your IVF cycle as that is a full egg development cycle. If you have a history of a previously failed cycle, depending on you specific history we often recommend a longer preconception preparation period to help balance and restore optimal fertility function.

Benefits before:

Acupuncture improves egg maturation, quality and ovarian reserve, regulates reproductive hormones, increases the responsiveness of the ovaries to the hormones and improves the body's energy and overall health in preparation for conception and pregnancy. Acupuncture also helps to address the male factor component in a couple's fertility potential improving semen count, morphology, and motility.

Benefits during:

Acupuncture improves egg maturation, quality and ovarian reserve, regulates reproductive hormones, increases the responsiveness of the ovaries to the hormones and improves the body's energy and overall health in preparation for conception and pregnancy. Acupuncture also helps to address the male factor component in a couple's fertility potential improving semen count, morphology, and motility.

Benefits after:

Acupuncture helps to assist fetus development, decrease pregnancy complications, helps to prevent miscarriages and minimizes morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy.

As everyone's condition are different, do ask us for more information on how we can help !


“Natural Cordyceps is mainly produced in Qinghai-Tibet, a plateau with an altitude over 3,000 meters. Limited by the geographica constraints, natural resources are scarce and expensive.”
Cordyceps can be compared with ginseng.  It is “sweet in taste and moderate in property”, contains not only nutrients such as amino acids, trace elements and vitamins needed by the human body, but also boosts functions such as anti-fatigue and anti-aging, and enhances immunity and sexual function,   It also strengthens the lungs and benefits the kidney, as well as multiple functions of nourishing essence, stopping bleeding and resolving phlegm. What is more, it can enhance platelet formation as well as boost the lowering of blood sugar. Most of all, it is said to kill laryngeal cancer cells, since it affects protein synthesis and inhibits the growth of cancer cells, enhance the body’s own capability of cancer prevention.

Conceived After Three Years Of Trying

“I have a healthy baby.” Emma was so happy – she feared she would never say those words.

Emma had been trying to conceive naturally for three years. Becoming pregnant had proved elusive. Despite extensive tests and investigations, doctors had found no reason for her failure to conceive, everything seemed to be normal. This experience is not unusual – around one in seven couples in the UK experience difficulty in conceiving.

Emma has overcome her fertility problems with the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She had not thought about using TCM but a friend recommended GinSen and she thought she would keep an open mind. She met with Lily at Ginsen, who explained the TCM approach to infertility – an approach which is completely different to that of western medicine.

Practitioner Lily, who is a member of The British Acupuncture Council, explains “Chinese Medicine treats the whole body, re-energising and balancing the whole system. Treatment is personalised for each person or couple and focuses on ensuring the reproductive system is in optimum condition and working in harmony with the rest of the body. The body is prepared for conception by: balancing the hormones, improving the general health of the reproductive organs, improving the quality of the eggs and sperm, promoting good blood circulation, particularly in the pelvic area, and regulating the menstrual flow.”

Following her initial consultation with Lily, Emma commenced her treatment plan, which involved acupuncture, and herbal medicine – the latter to be taken twice a day, morning and evening, as well as diet and lifestyle advice. She had twice weekly consultations with Lily, who monitored her condition and adjusted her herbal remedy in response to the changes in her condition.

Four weeks later Emma had the joy of discovering she was pregnant. On 21 April 2012 she gave birth to a healthy baby girl at St Mary’s Hospital, London.

Emma says: “I am so grateful to Lily. Our baby has brought us so much joy. She has transformed our lives. We had begun to fear that we might never have a baby”




Acupuncture For Insomnia

Insomnia is defined as a condition of unsatisfactory quantity and/or quality of sleep lasting for a considerable period of time (WHO 2007). It includes difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, or early final wakening (WHO 2007; American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Although drugs given to induce sleep (hypnotics) can provide some relief from the symptoms of insomnia, they do not treat the underlying cause. Hypnotics also have many potential harmful side effects such as adverse effects on health, and the risk of dependence. Patients can often find it difficult to sleep naturally, without pills or medicine in the future.


There are many well recognised patterns which explain why the mind refuses to close down at night, even though someone is physically exhausted. An acupuncturist will want to know not simply about sleeping patterns, but everything else to do with daily functioning. It is likely that there will be other signs and symptoms which will allow them to identify what is out of balance and needs to be harmonised.


However, there are now consistent and substantial studies showing acupuncture to be an effective way to treat insomnia (Luo 2010, Reza 2010, Yeung 2009, Lee 2009a, Huang 2009, and others). A series of thin needles are used to apply pressure very carefully to specific points along the surface of the skin.


Research published in the Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Ye et al) finds acupuncture 90% effective in improving total sleep duration and sleep quality, lowering relapse rates and producing no adverse effects. Through the stimulation of certain acupuncture points, acupuncture affects areas of the brain that are known to reduce sensitivity to pain and stress, as well as promoting relaxation and deactivating the ‘analytical’ brain responsible for insomnia (Hui 2010). The research concluded that acupuncture significantly improves sleep time and sleep quality while improving the overall mental and physical health of patients. Similarly, a study by Wang et al. found that acupuncture benefits sleep and reduces insomnia. The study compared acupuncture with sham acupuncture and estazolam, a benzodiazepine medication. True (verum) acupuncture produced significantly superior patient outcomes for insomnia patients including improvements in sleep quality and total sleep time.


Importantly, taking acupuncture for insomnia has proven most effective when combined with herbal medicine, incorporated into the patient’s diet. For example, the herb Suan Zao Ren helps to enrich the blood that flows to the heart and liver while regulating and relaxing the liver meridian. This is one of the preferred herbal approaches to treating insomnia when there is a liver or heart problem, but it’s important to remember that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a diagnosis is reached after carefully assessing the specific state of the individual patient. There is no ‘one treatment for all’ approach to insomnia, each patient receives an individualised treatment tailored to their needs. Therefore, herbal formulas can often include a variety of herbs, depending on the patient. There are a variety of Chinese herbal formulas that have been shown to help those with insomnia to sleep more deeply and to achieve restful sleep for longer periods of time.


Each patient is unique, and each person who can’t sleep does so in a way that is specific to them. The best advice will always be that given after a face-to face assessment. If you suffer from insomnia or sleep deprivation, give us a call on 0207 586 7348 or email to see how we can help. More infomration relate to acupuncture for insomnia, please visit Insomnia webpage.



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